General Feedback

Just a quick note to express my heartfelt thanks for making my daughter's party totally unforgettable. Kids, mums and dads all had such fun. Carmen, you have such great rapport with kids and adults alike.
Thanks for a wonderful morning. Tamra - thanks for turning my negative experience around. That's the makings of a great brand - and true customer service.
Many thanks

Thank you for your understanding and for the professional manner in which your programme is delivered.
My son had a fab time last year.
Its a pity he is not at sagewood anymore as he would have loved to continue.
All the Best

Morning Val and Tamra
Thanks for the great service.
God Bless You, Your Family, Your Friends and Those You Interact With.
-Ishmael (Daddy)

Good Day
I would just like to thank you and your team very much for doing such a wonderful job this year, my daughter absolutely loved each and every dance lesson, she would come and tell me all about her dance mouse every Monday. She was ecstatic when the "dance mouse" came to the school and danced and gave them sweeties, she cannot stop telling me about the "big white dance mouse with a tail" haha.
I appreciate the hard work you and your team put into sorting out events and taking care of our children at each dance class.

Big, big thank you!
-Samantha Weston

Thank you so much!
And thank you and Ezel for the extra hugs, kisses and encouraging words to Taygan!!!!
I sincerely appreciate it - her confidence is growing day by day and you ladies have definitely contributed to that!!!!!
Tay will definitely be dancing again in the new year!!!!

We've thoroughly enjoyed the concert last week and clearly noticed the intense attention you and your team are paying to our little ones. I can comfortably state my daughter loves the program and do enjoy herself a lot.
Thank you!!
-Phayzel Vergotine

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for a fantastic concert !!!!!
The kids had a ball and I just really admire the way that you ladies all work with the children.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Hi, just to convey a great big THANK YOU to your instructor Stacey representing your company at our school.
This lady is really committed to what she is doing and is for sure a great asset to Dance Mouse. We could not have asked for better.
-Cindy and Heidi Purple Moss Nursery school

Katy looks forward to her class every week, thoroughly enjoyed her assessment last December (wanted to go back & "dance in the big place again" the next day!).
Dance Mouse is a must for little people!
-Karen Van Breukelenl

I would just like to take the time to thank all concerned who put up the Dance Mouse concert. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there at 8 (sharp) to find it humming with people.

Being a teacher I know what it takes to organize kids, from all ages. Your professionalism and dedication to the kids was amazing.

Each act be it "babies" or more mature kids, was wonderful to see. I loved the expressions on the kids faces as they performed. Their costumes and the names they called themselves all added to the magic of the event.

I was there for two acts, my daughter has been going religiously to the dance mouse practices but I had no idea it was such a "big" event.

Congratulations on a job well done, keep up the great work. May it go from strength to strength.

I look forward to seeing the performance next year.
Kind regards
-John Moore

Hi Tamra

I wish to thank to Dance Mouse team for all the effort and dedication over the last two years. She has enjoyed the classes tremendously and we recently had an opportunity to view the value that you've added first hand when she entertained the guests at my father-in-law's 85th birthday celebration with her dance routine. She is a confident little dancer and I have to attribute it to your lessons!

May Dancemouse thrive and prosper and I wish you every success in future.

Hi Ezel
Groot dankie aan Jou! As dit nie vir jou was nie sou ons Kids nooit die voorreg gehad het om op TV te verskyn nie! Ek kan nie uitgepraat raak ookr vanmiddag nie!!!! Baie Dankie.

DM Pasella Image

-Dance Mouse kids with Dieter from Pasella and Duane Vermeulen

Hi Dankie, ons was al amper by die huis toe ons onthou. Sy het dit vreeslik geniet en wil nie die dansklere eers uittrek. Dink sy gaan daarin wil slaap!
As Andre hier is gaan ek hom vra om die liedjie op ipod te soek dat sy vir ons kan dans! Dankie vir jou ook dat jy dit so lekker vir haar gemaak het! Lekker aand -Chrisna

I also want to say a huge thank you to "Mr Dance Mouse" as my kids (Megan & Jams) call you - it is by far their favourite activity! -Nicky Marinus

I have attached an article of Candace and her kiddies that was in the paper last week. The owner of pitter patter send the picture to the paper. Just scroll down a bit. She loves Dance Mouse!

DM Newspaper Image

-Bea van Wyk

Just wanted to so thank you for yet again a fun and insightful training course. I really enjoyed it so much and I am so excited teaching all the new stuff.
Thanks for all the food, snacks, drinks and all your hard work that went into the course. It was definitely worth attending. -Bea

And you guys are doing a great job!
-Urshula Le Roux

I have received the fees, that was fast! Thank you for your excellent service, we are very happy with your friendly, professional approach.
-Caylin Dewey

Helena had the opportunity of sitting in on a class given by Robyn and the following are her comments. "She was excellent, the class loved her and she works well with the children. It was a lively class with all the children happily participating." So as you can see we are very happy with our Dancemouse teacher.

WE have enjoyed the Dance Mouse evident in the children's enthusiasm for the lesson.
Michelle is excellent with the group and has a good balance of enjoyment and discipline.
As I mentioned previously I would like to retain her at our school for as long as possible. Even as you go into planning for 2011 please keep my request in mind.
-Charmaine Appalsamy

Is there a dance mouse studio in Cape Town. We are moving to the Cape and my daughter would love to continue with dance mouse

Thanks so much for keeping us posted. I look forward to see my baby dancing live She talks about dance mouse all the time.
Thanks so much for doing an excellent job!
-Destiny Ngobeni's mom

Barnyard Show Feedback

Dear Tamra

We have just return from an exceptional production! I was so impressed with the professionalism of the event, with the dynamic compere and quality sound.
Each item moved rapidly to the next without undue delay - how you managed backstage with so many girls and boys of such young ages, is beyond me!
We had a family who were incorrectly sitting at our table, but a young lady in a green shirt dealt with them swiftly and firmly.
All in all, the problems of the dress rehearsal seem to be well ironed out!

We will certainly be returning next year, with the addition of Matthew, who will be in Grade 1 and is determined to start "Dance Mouse"!!
-Colleen and Kristen Lea

You out did yourself and it's wonderful to see how each year it just get better and better. Maxi of course can't wait to start next year. Well done -Petrad

DM Barnyard Show Image

Hi there Tamra & team
Well done, the show was spectacular. The kids were amazing and had lots of fun.
Thanks for all the hard work.
-Pat Mbambiso

Hallo, Tamra and Team

Thank you for the stunning festival yesterday!
I think it all went smoothly and the kids had so much fun. The event was bigger and better than last year and I think the kids will look at any production with different eyes now that they have been "back stage" ...many unseen things that go into a production.

Kim's demo of the silk was lovely and the girls are very excited about the fact the their "trainer" performed and will teach them how to do it.
I hope you all had a well deserved day off today...

Dear Tamra
Thank you for a super wonderful show. I really enjoyed myself and was pleasantly surprised to see what Khanyo can do on stage. Wow, I was very proud. The girls were in sync, and totally awesome.
Yep, the benefits are eno-mouse!
Kind regards
-Nomusa Nzimande

Dear Marijke
Thank you to you and all your Dance Mouse helpers for a fantastic showcase!
It was so well organized. The costumes were amazing. And to those of us in the audience, it seemed to go without a hitch! Not too sure what it is was like backstage!!!??
This was by-far the best kids' dance show we have ever attended.
-Bronwyn Marshall (DM Centurion)